Because of Them, We Can


Because of them, we can. And we will.


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Ask time

I have available time. Ask away. you can ask me about experience, advice, how my day is gong, ect. I’m doing this again since i was gone for a long time.

Dairy QueenieFtm, drag queen

Hope people are having a good week.

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Just cut my hair today. turned out much better than i thought haha.

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mistermadam asked: @the anon who asked about FTMs interested in drag and still being pre-op. There are pretty awesome corsetts that end shortly above your belly button and are still as tight as binders (if you can breathe in them) that do not at all make others feel, nor see, that you still have breast tissue. That said, I know a handful of cis drag queens who have just the exact same breast tissue simply naturally.

Thank you. :D I had to do a lot of thinking on that. I started doing drag after i had top surgery.

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Anonymous asked: I am an FTM transman, myself who is interested in becoming a drag queen. I am currently eleven months in testosterone, 5'5", 135 lbs, and pre op. If I'm on stage, I'm not comfortable unbinding them because I don't want people thinking I'm either an MTF or a female drag queen (Luckily I'm an A cup and the hormones shrunk some of them). What is you suggestion for a pre op guy interested in drag? Where I'm from this is unheard of because most FTMs I know were either drag kings or were lesbian.

I had to think about this one for a bit. Apologies if it took a while to reply.  There are dresses out that cover the chest so that works.There are alot of queens who are dressed up all night, so you can pull off. I would also say put on a bra with padding, but i’m not sure if you’re comfortable with that. I only suggest this because people might want to group your chest. For some reason, people feel entitled to be touchy feely on drag queens. That said, remember you have your right to say no if someone decides to tries to group you. I say this as an person and as an entertainer.

Also purchase female - tailored coats or blazers. that way you can cover your chest and stuff. You can do this for an 80’s number or anything like that. for example, look up “detox nothing’s gonna stop us now” so see how a blazer looks on a queen.

It’s definitely do-able. I’m 5’4 and some mini inches. People defiantly think i’m a drag queen even with how ‘fishy’ i am lol (if they can tell i’m a dq, then i’m not fish lol. It’s a personal rule of thumb for me).

If you don’t mind telling me, which area are you from? If it’s a city like LA or San Fran, there so many recorces and area to perform in. I think i have some other stuff in my ask section that speak about how to get started. So check that out.

If’s it a smaller area, than i just recommend working with the community you have a do something for charity. At least if someone asks you about it, just say ‘it’s for charity’ or some biz like that. Also, commuting is a big factor as well. check your transit system. Buses, trains, taxis, ect.

If you want to get ready at a club, you can get ready in the girls rest room. There should be stalls and you can close and get ready in. There you can get ready without people seeing your chest. Usually they have them reserved for the entertainers, anyways.

Even in a open-minded area where i live, ftm drag queens are unheard of as well. so i understand how you feel. if i have anything else to say, then ill add more later.

Good luck, anon.

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Thierry Meisel on Flickr.
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3830) I am so uncomfortable having a vagina. But at the same time i would be just as horrified to have a penis. I don’t know what to do, and it feels like there is no answer.

Go talk to a gender therapist, or a recommended therapist. It seems like there’s an underlining issue you need to manage. It won’t be something that will be solved overnight. It will take time.

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Love this pic! So happy one of bffs came to my show and we shared the stage together! Love you @jigglybitch!  #TheSweetestBitch #RuPaulsDragRace #PhiPhiOHara #JigglyCaliente #bestfriends

Damn. Looking so good.


Love this pic! So happy one of bffs came to my show and we shared the stage together! Love you @jigglybitch!
#TheSweetestBitch #RuPaulsDragRace #PhiPhiOHara #JigglyCaliente #bestfriends

Damn. Looking so good.

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bianca del rio being everyone’s drag mother in episode five - snatch game.


Bianca looked so good this on this week’s ep

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FTM Drag Queen Blog 

Hello, people who read this. I am a drag queen entertainer from the USA. I am also a ftm trans person. I made this blog because people don’t know much about ftm drag queens. In this blog, I talk about my personal experiences as well as advice for those who want to start drag (cis, trans, ect).

People can also submit things related to ftm, mtf, trans issues, and drag queen issues. i’m open for others to share there experiences as a general drag performer (drag queen, drag king, trans queen,ect).

Check it out and hope you enjoy!

Note: i only have experience with drag queens, not drag kings. I don’t know much about them since there community is much smaller than drag queen. I consider this more of a personal blog, as opposed to a collaboration.

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The Struggle.

drooling at the blending.


The Struggle.

drooling at the blending.

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Thank the gord for face apps. Although i’m anon, here an idea on how i look in real life. Yes, i’m Mexican.

Thank the gord for face apps. Although i’m anon, here an idea on how i look in real life. Yes, i’m Mexican.

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fiorosae asked: what's your fave milk outfit that you know of? I personally luuuuurve her jonbenet one omg


Oh God this is hard! I have to go with the… JonBenet Ramsey one!!! i am udderly in love with it. She did it once with a blue mustache which i prefer it that way. So i agree with you, BUT i also really love the flower beard one! and so so so many others!


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I guess I’m also glad other people say that it’s shit she said those things because yanno when it’s your therapist

you just kinda sit and go “She’s probably right and I’m just too fucked to see it”

I had a therapist like that. Constantly told me it was my fault for making my family not like me. My fault for identifying as gay because it confused people. Yea, apparently men liking men confuses people.

Don’t be afraid to drop her. I know it might be a bit frightening since you’ve probably been with her for a while. But honestly if she’s making you feel bad, than leave. There are hundreds more out there who will do miles better then this one will. Therapist are meant to help you manage your problems, not blame you for for things that are not in your control.

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